Activity uses a split screen function will be relaunch

My testing device info:
Galaxy Note20 Ultra - SM-N986N
One UI:4.1
Android: 12
Core-version: 4.19.113-24218092

In the process of applying the application to the app store, the tester found a problem that activity will be relaunch no reason when uses split screen function and resize it.
This will not appear on other brand devices or most Samsung devices. This relaunch leads error of my application, we have no ability to repair it for the time being.
I want to know if there has a way to avoid relaunch when adjusting the size, or this is a bug of the ROM version?

I have submitted the work order, but I have not received the official response of Samsung for a long time. Maybe this is a sharp question?

If you haven’t contact Developer Support they may be able to help.

Samsung Developer Relations

I haven contacted Developer Support and they have not any reply!!

Developer Support has an automatic reply did you get that? If so what is the ticket number, I can check on it. You can also check the progress from the Samsung Developer Program Portal if you scroll down below the support request all will be listed.

Samsung Developer Relations

Please help me solve this problem


Would you please check after enabling resizeable activity to true?


Please official guide,