Multitasking Feature - Web Application - Video Player

We are having issues with the Multitasking feature for Samsung TVs (2018, 2019 models)

  1. Can anyone install their app via developer mode and get multitasking to work properly?
    (where the app doesn’t relaunch but is opened back to the previous state it was last opened in)
  • I am having a problem reproducing the multitasking feature on my own TV models. I seem to have models from the “Model Groups” which are specified as having the multitasking feature however I do not seem to be able to perform actual multitasking when I install my app as a developer. It seems that the application just relaunches when I go back to it from another application.
  1. Is there something unique to the web applications that require AVPlay for videos that I may be missing?
  • I am trying to use a javascript package for HLS video for live streaming and video on demand; video.js. When Samsung QA tests the multitasking feature, which I cannot seem to reproduce for our app, they get a Media not supported error. But the rest of the app seems to function. The suggestions I am sent to include AVPlay, but since this application is multi-platform, that is a package I did not use. For context I am even listening to the visibilitychange even and on hidden, I am removing the video component for live video and remounting it when visibilitychange is triggered again and it is not hidden.