My application was rejected

My application was rejected. Because the problem occurred for foldable devices. I want to remove support for foldable device in my app. Or for foldable devices I want my app to still stay the same, after the device is folded/unfolded I want the game to continue without errors. How should I set this up?

My android manifest setting;

<activity android:name=".MainActivity" android:resizeableActivity="false">

            android:name="android.allow_multiple_resumed_activities" android:value="true" />
            android:name="android.supports_size_changes" android:value="true" />

Message for the problem;

My application is reset after folding/unfolding device.

Game’s level is reset after folding/unfolding device
(It’s waste lots of time to complete the level)

*Pre-condition: Activate function ‘Continue apps on cover screen’ of this app

  1. Execute the app
  2. Select SINGLE PLAYER/MULTI PLAYER’ - Select level - Play game - Check the screen
  3. Fold device - observe: Game’s level is reset

[Expected Result]
Game should be resumed properly without error after folding/unfolding device

I move this to Mobile-> Galaxy Z as I thought you might find a better audience there.

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