Added Zero's on step count

On WFS, can you add extra zeros, like when the Step count is 50 Steps, I need it do display 00050, same with Battery %, if battery is 24% then it must read 024%

Thank you

Hi Johan,

You will need to do something like this for your text field

Now if you want padded numbers you are going to have to do some if else tag
([SC]<100) ? 00[SC] : 0[SC] and nest this for larger padding.
I’ve requested padded numbers for a feature enhancement.

Samsung Developer Relations

check it ([SC] < 10? 0: “”)([SC] < 100? 0: “”)([SC] < 1000? 0: “”)([SC] < 10000? 0: “”)[SC]

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Hi Ron

I see 3 updates since my Padded Zeros on Steps request
I have read the Release notices, but i haven’t seen them add this feature
Am I wrong and if so, how can i add them


Expression from @Reyson is working fine. Theres no need for an update.
Just use

([SC] < 10? 0: "")([SC] < 100? 0: "")([SC] < 1000? 0: "")([SC] < 10000? 0: "")[SC]

Thank you so so much
It works great

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With WFS v 1.0.12 You can format numbers using tags.

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