Format number

I try to use numberFormat in text tag but it is not working

i want to make [SC] like 5 432 instead 5432 so i put (numberFormat("# ###", [SC]) in the tag but got the formula on face.

I do not undersand explication (so many text and so small)

can you help

You have missed one ) on the end

but still problem!

Try put 0 (zero) instead of #

When they are mis-formed the equations show. you have a space in the form and it doesn’t like that.
(numberFormat(“0”, ([SC]/1000))) (numberFormat(“000”, ([SC]%1000)))
(numberFormat(“0”, ([SC]/1000))),(numberFormat(“000”, ([SC]%1000))) to have a comma separator

Samsung Developer Relations

are you sure… because it is not working, i copy both formula from you and none of them work

(numberFormat(“0”, [SC]/1000)) (numberFormat(“000”, [SC]%1000))
it should work.

(numberFormat(“0”,[SC]/1000)) (numberFormat(“000”,[SC]%1000))

it work, but i close WFS and reopen it to make it.