Adding our company as PAYMENT GATEWAY

Hi, we want to integrate with Samsung Pay service.
We have created company account but currently we can’t find our company as a PAYMENT GATEWAY when we create a new service.
Could you please tell when we can find us as a payment gateway service provider in the provider list and where we can upload our CSR as payment gateway service provider ?
Or what is the process of adding our company as a payment gateway service provider?

Any time line hol long time does it take to integrate with Samsung Pay?
Thank you for your answer in advance

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Did you register your company as a PAYMENT GATEWAY (PG)? If not, please submit a Support Request with a sort description.

If you already registered your country as a PG you will get the option on the portal. Checked the path below:

  1. Sign in to the Samsung Pay Developers portal
  2. MY PROJECTS → Service Management → CREATE NEW SERVICE → PAYMENT GATEWAY (select a PG from the dropdown)
  3. After selecting a PG, you will get a CSR upload field

If you face any issues with following the steps, please share the issue. Or contact the mentioned support team.

Thank you.

Hi Boshra)
Thank you for the explanation

Yes, we have created Support ticket but no updates so far, unfortunately
Can you help to speedup this support process with the ticket?

Thanks for sharing the update. Sorry for the delay.
The support team will get back to you soon, hopefully within tomorrow. I have forwarded a request to them.

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You are the best :+1:
Thank you a lot, we really extremely need help from them in scope of this ticket!
Waiting for the contact from support team

Have a good day)

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This forum is for application development-related queries. As your query seems to be a user query, you would get better assistance if you posted your query in the Samsung Community. Please follow the link: Samsung Community

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