Samsung pay

When I go to the Samsung Pay Developers portal it redirects me to the “choose location page” and after choosing my location it redirects me to just every time requires me to sign in and I can’t go to “My projects” → “service management”. I need to integrate Samsung pay in my website, I need documentation for it, Can anyone help me with that?

I see what you are saying it seems to be round about when you try to become a partner.

This could be because the Samsung Pay was made into Samsung Wallet.

I’ll see if I can find some documentation on it and a way to become a member.

Samsung Developer Relations

I need to integrate it into my website which is built with Next.js. It would be great if you send the documentation and resolve the other issue. Looking forward to your answer.


It appears they changed the site just recently.

You can go to this site Either sign in or sign up for a Samsung Account (if you aren’t already signed in) and then scroll down and click the two acknowledgements and click on Sign up button.

You will get an email shortly after that.

It worked for my private account just now.

Samsung Developer Relations

I think you need to integrate Web Checkout SDK. Please follow the guide. You can ask if you have any other queries.
Thank you.