Adding weather complication

What do I need to add to have a custom weather complication where the user can pick to add weather degrees?

I figured out to add a long text complication, hide everything except icon and text so now when I assign it weather it shows the current weather icon and the location of my city. But how can I get the temperature to show?

Edit: Nevermind I played around and figured it out.

Hi, how did you do this? thx.

Add a long text complication. Hide the image and text part keeping icon and title visible.
Launch on watch and use the long press to customize, select from list weather.
It will show up with icon and temp.


Awesome thank you! very helpful.

Hi, I did what you suggested and the complication now takes me to the weather app but the icon and temp never show up on the watch face. The complication remains blank. How do I make it show on the watch face? Thx