Looking for some help with watch face studio complications

Hello everyone. I’m starting to develop watch faces in watch face studio, and I’ve been having trouble finding some good resources with certain customizations. For example I’ve been trying to add weather to my current face design and I have gotten it working, but it always displays the city name and displays it in a way that I can’t seem to customize. I found a watch face that has a lot of the function and design that I like that has a weather complication that displays in the way that I would like to use this feature, but I can’t figure out how they did it. The watch face I’m referring to is free if anyone would like to check it out. In the play store it’s easily found under the name “MDS367”. If anyone can tell me how they got their complications to appear with custom font and appearance I would be very appreciative. Thank you

*add weather
-you add short complicatin to your watch face and download simple weather app from playstore to watch and phone.

*complications to appear with custom font
-you need to adjust complication layout and add font in WFS menu.

Thank you, i figured it out. For a more detailed explanation the steps are:

Create a “short text” complication.
In complication settings, push the + button
Choose “icon + text”
Under default provider choose “empty”

From the normal / always on browser
Expand the short text complication
Select text
In text appearance where it says “sync to device”
Select that and choose add font