Always on display and opr

I keep getting an error message that the percentage is too high, but I cannot find anywhere to make a change to the opr. To lower the 15% ratio. Using ver 1.81

There are two Windows one for active watch and one for AOD watch in both run and work windows. They are toggled by the circle half filled icon in the upper right corner of GWD for work window and in the Run Window for that.

You can always tell when you are in the AOD window as it will have the OPR percent in the run window or at the bottom of the active one.

You can analyze in the run window to show what you need to adjust.

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yes i understand that, but what do i need to adjust to give it the ratio it wants?

You can select all and do a blanket opacity change, you can just to the hot spots and adjust opacity or lightness. You may simplify the design and remove some components. When you do this be sure you are in the AOD work window and not changing your active design (I did that once)

Samsung Developer Program

maybe the beta version i downloaded is missing something, as i cant edit without editing the always on without changing the entire watchface. Is there a stable version to download

im just using the basic stuff included in the software

See the moon sign in the top right corner right under the X sign? its where the editing work window can be switched to AoD mode. If you see the second hand on the left, then you are editing active mode.
Once you switch the editing mode into AoD design, I suggest to dim or remove the bright background there. That should reduce the OPR enough.

i think i got it, thanks!!!