Faces says to many pixels

i am trying to run this on my watch but it says to many pixels is there a work around or am i doing something wrong?

Does it say too many pixels or does it say OPR (On Pixel Ratio) is too high percent.

That is your AOD watch face so click on that tab
The simplest way is create a grey image that you place over the entire watch face but visible only in AOD mode and play with opacity and lightness to dim the OPR (you can see that in the run preview)

However in your design you have a lot of white background and bright red. I think for your design you will need to hide almost all your components in AOD mode and use a simple digital clock for your AOD.

Or copy the background and add it with a hint of it in background by lowering the opacity to near nothing only show it in AOD

Hope this helps.

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i dont really know what you just said? any videos? or some screen shots i can follow

Can you provide a screen shot of the actual error message, I think that will help?

Pleas check the below images where you can check your project current OPR(on Pixel Ratio). To check OPR you need to select the Always-on mode then you can find the OPR value on the RUN window. And if you want to analyze more you can analyze by pressing the Analyze button.

how do i lower it

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That is what I was explaining. Unfortunately the training documentation is minimal.

lets start with something simple.
If you don’t create an Always On Display (AOD) Watch Face Studio (WFS) will just use the normal one
in the documentation look at the seconds component you’ll see what looks like an eye with a line through it. That means it isn’t visible in that mode.

So you can just for example put your background and make it not visible in AOD mode that will help a lot.

You can check this by in the test Run (Preview Window has an expansion icon on the bottom right) The AOD you switch from the normal mode to AOD in what looks like a Square that has a half circle at the top. See that in Boshra’s screen shot. You will know you are in AOD mode because the OPR will be displayed.

So that should get you going and maybe my instructions will make more sense.

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have you found a solution that works?


You hide items in the AOD that you have showing in the Normal window is the best thing. Remember that a good AOD design is minimalistic You should not have complications in it and a darkened colors.

In the layer window if you hover over the layer name a show hide icon will appear In the Normal watch face I have hidden a darker background that I use for the AOD
Normal Background

In the AOD I have hidden the animation and the complication that was in the Normal watch face
AOD Background

Finally if you feel that the images are necessary in the AOD mode you can put a “Dimmer Image” on the top level it is usually grey or something with lower opacity that dims all the lower layers.

Hope that was the question you were asking.

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