Como criar watch faces com Opr de 15%

Todas as watch face que crio, na hora de transferir pro relógio da erro de Opr dizendo q está cima de 15%, já desativei o Always on display, já fiz de tudo e não consigo usar a watch face no relógio. O que devo fazer?

Tente desativar e reativar o AOD, e com o AOD ativado pra edição, (clica no botão canto superior direito), edite-o, geralmente tirando o papel de parede já resolve, abaixe o brilho da escrita, etc…

It doesn’t matter what settings you have on your Watch if you have an AOD with more than 15% it won’t allow you to load it.
In GWD Run Window select the Always on Display (you can tell because the OPR shows in the Window) and run an analysis and fix it or just use a simple digital clock for the display. If you don’t have any design or create one. You can tell the AOD work window as it has OPR in the lower right border. You change windows in the upper right hand menu bar with the Half Circle icon.

Having said that… there is a way to allow a watch design with over 15% to run on a watch face. Go to settings and about watch - software version and tap 5 times and that will enable developer options and enable AOD over 15%. I highly do not recommend using AOD over 15% even if disabled in the settings.

Hope this helps

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