Hello Samsung Friends

does anyone can give me a small advice how to make such effect of the digits?
I mean I would have a first digit of the hour to be a litte bit more invisible than the exact hour. I am not so sure if you will uderstand what I mean. That is why I am using an example.

It this picture you can see the first digit (0) to be a litte bit opacity than the second one.

Thank you in advance

There sure are many ways to achieve this. This is the one that comes to my mind first.
Use a digital clock without leading zero for the single digit hours (h:mm). Put a „0“ as text right before the clock with e.g. 50% transparency. Set the visibility of that text in the time line so that it only appears in the single digit hours.

what about making two digital clock elements one above other both aligned to right.
The one with hh:mm would have reduced opacity, the one with h:mm would be fully opaque.
This way these and another two (H:mm and HH:mm) can be assigned to 12/24h condition line.
I guess this may result in blurry edges around the main clock, because GWD for some reason slightly shifts the content of text field depending on its length despite the alignment.

not so easy with bmp fonts and 1.6.2 WD cause it has no aligning options

Why do you think GWD 1.6.2 does not have alignment for bitmap fonts?

OK :slight_smile: I haven’t seen that. OK I will try now. But how to make the single digit to be shown only. I mean second digit of the hour. If I select bmp font so the 0 has different color than other digits but 10 o clock also shows this zero. I am sure maybe some expression can make this

I have made a copy of this digit change the zero to exact color what I wanted and use following exprasion : [h]==10? 100 :0 with opacity.
Is it correct? to be shows only when the hour is 10 o’clock

You can also make your usual h:mm and H:mm aligned right
and place separate extra 0 text in front of it and let it display with expression for opacity like ([H]<10)x20 for 24h form
and like (([H]>0)x([H<10)+([H]>12)x([H]<22))x20 for 12h form (put * in place of x)

Sorry I do not feel it being fair to “dismantle” each feature on specific Jeweler’s watch face.
I think I provided enough info how multiple changeable overlapping images can be put on watch face.
I can not explain how to make it look good. That is each designers added value.

Of course , Understood. Thank You Peter