How to fix text position and text opacity

Hi community. I have 2 questions.

  1. I’m searching for an option ton align some parameters one above the other and at the same time to align the left border near of an imaginary vertical line. However the values move slightly to the right and left depending on the value. Is there a way ti fix that or do I need bitmap fonts?

  2. How to use opacity for the not used numbers/letters? E.g. if I use left pads and I want the zeros to be slightly dimmed (“00455”)? Or do I need here bitmap fonts too?


P.S. What software do you use to generate bitmap fonts? Is there a way to convert ttf fonts to bitmap?

ad 1) there is possibility to align text to left, right or middle of the field. Note that the GWD is not WYSIWYG editor and fonts do not always align perfectly on watch as you see them on the preview.
Maybe pick some monospace font so the overall width of digits does not change with the value. I guess making bitmap font with digits images of same with would act as making your font quasi monospaced.

ad 2) I think using bitmap fonts would not help much here. maybe rather making a semitransparent mask for the leading zeros, that would go transparent once next grade is reached, either using conditional lines or expressions.

PS: Im using gimp for preparing images with letters/digits for bitmap fonts assembled in GWD/GWS.

Thanks Peter. To align the text did the trick, however I had to use bitmap font, because if I used ttf the right upper corner was cut off by italic letters.
To my second question I still need a solution. I’m looking for the look of the old lcd screens where a part of the letter was semitransparent, I mean there that the whole letter was visible like an “8” and the actual number was highlighted. Can anybody help?


For similar look I used two text fields aligned right, placed in same place. In bottom plain dark text like 88888 and over it a light copy of it synced with steps. There may be little problem with it, the alignment of font inside field. In my GWD it slightly shifts with overal lenght of the value.