72 o'clock?

I’m building on top of one of the samples in the GWS. It is using bitmap fonts. I made the hour 1 digit when it’s below 10, and center-aligned.

I noticed that after it switches from two digits to 1 digit (after 12 o clock), the ‘2’ stays there as the 2nd digit. As a result, I get this (see screenshot below). Anybody aware of this?

It returns to normal after I change to a different face and back, but it’s still a bug right?

Let me know how it can be fixed. Thanks!!


Hi @dav1587831544,

Can you just create a new project with just the digital clock setup where you are facing the problem and share the gwd file? Because just the screenshot isn’t necessarily enough to understand the problem and also tried to produce the problem but no success.


I can’t tell from the screen shot either, however all of your bitmap images need to be the same size?