Ambient development / Calendar dashboard with weather

Hi, is it possible to develop custom Ambient screen and call some external webservice?

Informational ambient dashboard are way too simple. They contain only clock and one integration to Google Calendar.

I want to create dashboard for my personal use that would contain widgets of my choice:

  • calendar
  • news
  • weather
  • todo list
  • trading
  • forecast on various topics

Is it doable? Is it possible to use text to speech and read that information for me in the morning? I know I can set a routine to open some ambient template.

Is there anyone developing some Ambient dashboards for Samsung TV? I was expecting it will do more or SmartHub will allow you to show this stuff. Most people just connect Raspberry Pi to TV via HDMI, but that’s not good in terms of integrations, if your TV is off or you want to get some internal state of TV, which Ambient feature could do.

I want to verify if Ambient SDK has access to features that would make it possible:

  • call external service via REST API
  • transform data in .NET SDK
  • use text to speech (or use 3rd party service and render mp3 that can be played on TV)
  • schedule some stuff
  • display some animation or chart (weather, stock market)