Hi there, I’m new with Watchface Studio, and need some helps if someone could help me!

I have this simple design with Some analog widgets (here we have Battery percentage and Heart rate value BUT I WOULD USE THE SAME WAY WITH ANOTHER WIDGETS). I tried with many values but when exporting on my device (Sasmung Watch 4 [44mm]) it doesn’t work in good way!
Please help me, I know there are many experts here to give some advice about that kind of issue!


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This is the formula for the battery . Working on the HR . You will see I have used the @Peter Perfectly Descriptive maths style fort easy understanding .



For Heart Rate . Gives full range 0 to 240 which is a bit extreme but gets the Normal HR in the middle of the dial which is Good .

In my test a copy of you your Dials were set in the centre of the screen .


I would advise for Heart Rate, wait until the next version of WFS expected this spring.

Until then it just reports the last read which generally is not what users expect. You have to force a readout currently.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thank you so much @russellcresser !
It’s a precious help you made for me!
i’ll apply this and will make you know if ok!

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Hi Ron,
Ok ok, i’ll take this in consideration Bro!
But at the same time i’ll try what @russellcresser suggest above! (because it’s something new for me and knowing this [great formula] is another big step for me)
A question: the next release will be there soon?

Thanks a lot for your precious help!

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@TMWatchface . We are very fortunate in this community to have @r.liechty_SDP looking over us an steering us new comers . Yes we have to force a HR reading as the default soonest is 10 minutes. but we have some great interactive Tags to get readings .We have even a Timer that switches on to read the HR and off when it is Read so it is very easy to have a Read confirmation Light . If you have not done any interactive stuff yet I would start there . I have a face where I switch on a completely seperate Face with that . it is on for a Random period but usualy is on for about 3 seconds . Plenty time to read Digital and Battery level etc . Have Fun .

Thank you very much brother for your kindness, yes, the community is certainly made for these good reasons, to help each other! And especially for us who are still in the discovery phase! Thanks again and see you soon!
Many thanks also to our friend @r.liechty_SDP !!

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I believe that the heart rate and refresh times will be what is set by the end user in the system. For example Samsung Health or Google Health settings.

Samsung Developer Relations

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On WFS the fastest reading is Ten Minutes . I have tested it with the Last Measured Timer . Great if you want a Ten minute timer . [HR_LAST_MEASURED_TIME]

In the “Apps” panel, enter “12345” using the remote control or the on-screen number keypad.
The developer mode configuration popup appears.

and I forgot to add In the next release of Watch Face Studio.

By the way you can “tap to measure” currently but that will be removed.


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OH shame @r.liechty_SDP . Why would they do that ? It was such good fun with its own timer and Reading Confirmation . Are they going to give us some lapse timers to play with instead .