Android 11 and one ui 3.0 "pop-up view" screen size issue

My native android app screen size is 2322 by 1080 in full screen mode.
but when I go back to the full screen mode from the “pop-up view”, the screen size is abnormal.
the screen size is 2358 by 1116.

full screen mode → menu button in navigation bar → app icon → Open in pop-up view → blue bar in pop-up view → restore button

development environment
android native activity
ndk version 21.3d
opengl es 3

function list used
int32_t aWidth = ANativeWindow_getWidth(app_->window);
int32_t aHeight = ANativeWindow_getHeight(app_->window);
int32_t glWidth = 0;
int32_t glHeight = 0;
eglQuerySurface(display_, surface_, EGL_WIDTH, &glWidth);
eglQuerySurface(display_, surface_, EGL_HEIGHT, &glHeight);

Hello hunhoekim,
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Is the issue Samsung Restricted? If you find the issue only with Samsung, you can report it to Samsung officially in Samsung Developer Support with below information-

  1. Dumpstate log,
  2. Issue reproduction steps with Sample app


Samsung Developer Support link- Support | Samsung Developers