Dialog size on tablets with latest OS update

I’ve just run into a problem reported by users where Samsung tablets that have fairly recently been updated are not sizing the dialogs in my app properly. The app still works perfectly on Samsung phones running Android 12 and on Pixel phones running Android 12.

I’ve been able to replicate the problem on an A7 tablet I have access to for testing. All Dialog and AlertDialog windows are not expanding to wrap the content as they do on every other device. Prior to the latest update on these devices, these windows were sized properly. I’ve checked to make sure that the height of every element is set to WRAP_CONTENT.

I’ve tried about everything I can think of, and even just creating a bare bones AlertDialog with single choice items in it is not sized properly. Only the top item is initially visible, although you can still scroll in that very small region to see the other items.

Is this a known problem, or has anyone else seen this happen?

We have an Issues and Bug Channel for Developers now. You might try that since it started with a Tablet Update.

Samsung Developer Relations

I applied for access to the Issues and Bug Channel a couple of days ago. How long does it normally take?

I don’t have a clue this is a new channel just added a few weeks ago. Usually partner reviews are done as a group not as they come in. If you get approved let me know. If you don’t get a reply within two weeks or your request let me know that too.

Samsung Developer Relations

Okay, thanks. I originally sold the very first version of this app through the Samsung store for Windows Mobile in 2009! I was happy I was able to reactivate this developer account here, since I hadn’t used it in years. The Android version of the app is currently only in the Google and Amazon stores.

I have no issues, have you put the code for min height max height, in widget xml under xml folder in android studio, also if items, are not showing cut off, make sure to create tablet variant of layout widget file, and make items on layout file, fit in layout not gone, so when show widget everything is view correctly, hope this helps.

It was a Samsung bug. They fixed it in the next OS update a couple of weeks later. It really was sizing dialogs incorrectly cutting off a fair amount at the bottom, which often meant buttons there were clipped or weren’t visible at all.