For the Extension, is there any size limit for pop-up window?

Chrom browser has the limits (800 x 600) for the popup window of an Extension. I have tried a pop-up with 400 x 600 on S21 Ultra , It did not show all of the interface in the popup. I am wondering how to set the popup-window size to show properly on all other devices such as Galaxy fold, S serises, Galaxy Tab S7.

I successfully launched a chrome extension on PC. (Dokebi, harmful contents blocker with AI)
So, I also want to deploy on the Samsung Internet Browser [SIB].

So, I test it and faced some issues. (tested on the S21 Ultra, Note 8 and the DeX.)

1 --------
The extension has two popup options.
1. “default_popup”: “src/controlPN.html”
→ It is supporting in the SIB.
2. “options_page”: “src/controlPN.html”
→ I found this also in the extension menu. however, I hope this can be accessed more higher level of the SIB’s interface.
It is too deep. ( I mean… it was like the hide and seek…)

2 --------
The pop-up window has a problem with scroll-bar. I think It does not support ‘auto’.
In the DeX, width by 400, works fine. No W-scroll bar ever.
In the S21, W-scroll bar was showed. So, I set the width to 370 to remove the W-scrollbar. it worked in the S21.
(setting to ‘100%’, It is not working properly either on PC.)
I forced to have the H-scroll bar by setting the (body) height by 800.
Finally, I got the H-scroll bar,
However, the margin of top, bottom has been disapeared. (in the DeX, happens same.)

The H-scroll seems working fine.
However, when I added some spans dynamically by clicking with my scripting, I faced serious problem.
Many added sapns elements occurred the body width was expanded.
(Chromium in PC, working fine.)

var t = document.createTextNode(newVal);
document.getElementById(“myInput”).value = “”;
var span = document.createElement(“SPAN”);
var txt = document.createTextNode("\u00D7");
span.className = “close”;
close = document.getElementsByClassName(“close”);
for (i = 0; i < close.length; i++) {
close[i].onclick = function () {
var li_Ele = this.parentElement;
var ul_Ele = li_Ele.parentElement;

The popup option by the “default_popup” has some bugs. I think, it is difficult to fix because of the too many varieties of screen sizes and devices.
So, I hope the option button shown by the ‘options_page’ can be found in little more higher level. (for easy access)

Hello @akkadian ,
You can try reaching out to
They might be able to help you out about Samsung Internet Browser Extensions