Android Studio hates Galaxy Tab S7

Hi! I’m having a heck of a time getting Android Studio to recognize my new Galaxy Tab S7 so I can develop on it. I’m on Windows 10.

I have already enabled developer options; ensured USB Debugging is enabled in settings on the tablet, and granted USB permissions to the computer. I have installed the Samsung USB drivers, restarted my computer etc.

I can browse to the Galaxy Tab in Explorer. In Android Studio, when I run the Device Troubleshooter it shows the Galaxy Tab S7 as a USB device but not a recognized Android device. It also shows “SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface” as a USB device, but again, it is not recognized as an Android device. Both those USB devices show up in Device Manager: Galaxy Tab S7 under “Portable Devices” and ADB Interface under “SAMSUNG Android Phone”. I have tried four cables in all ports on my laptop (a Dell XPS 17). All Windows updates have been installed and Android Studio is up to date. I’m out of ideas!

Any trailheads would very much be appreciated, if anyone has seen this before.

Have you tried the following work around suggested in stackoverflow?