Android13, SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission not checked

In this receiver, I check SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission by using Settings.canDrawOverlays(context) . When I run this in Android Studio, it works well. However, permission is not checked when built with apk only on Android 13. Returns false even though you have permission. Sometimes, an error occurs when calling addView within Worker even if the permission is correctly confirmed on the broadcast

When receiving a phone call or text message, WindowManager.addView is called within the same worker, but the view is normally displayed when receiving a text message, and there is no permission when receiving a phone call. For your information, Iā€™m testing with Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

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If an application is installed from unknown sources, then its overlay permissions are temporarily restricted during calls. This is an intended behavior and is meant to prevent phishing.

If your application is installed through a trusted source such as the Galaxy Store or Play Store or via ADB, then the overlay will no longer be restricted.

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