Animated Watchface very large .tpk file size

Hello All,
I am struggling to get a more slower animation for my Earth 2 Watch face (I can provide the link if needed and allowed) it is a free watch face after all.

The current version has 100 png files for the rotating earth, but it spins too fast, in order to slow down the spinning i need to have 240 images for the animation (which results in a 50MB .tpk file, which in my opinion is HUGE).

The 240 Images have a total size of 5.56MB, I managed to get them down to 25kb each in .jpg format,
but when i create the animation with all of them, they are somehow converted to .png and the total face size after “Build” is a 50MB .tpk file, which is unacceptable for me and probably anyone else.

Do you have any idea how to make this .tpk file smaller, or why GWS is converting my 25kb .jpg files to 200kb PNG files?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Razaa-Watch-Faces,

The animation features in GWS uses PNG sequences. I am guessing as GWS needs PNG sequences for animation and that’s why it converts your JPG images into PNG and get the sizes bigger somehow. So I would rather suggest when you reduce their size save them in PNG format not JPG.


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Thanks, i will try that, but from past experiences with .jpg to .png conversions, the size of the .png will always be bigger than a .jpg file.

I was hoping to be able to make GWS use .jpg for animations :grin:

Try pngquant or optipng to reduce png sizes :slight_smile:

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thanks, will try that