I can not work out what quality to put

Hello everyone, I can’t rot. How can I increase the quality? I tried almost everything. If anyone knows, please substitute.
I work in the program Adobe illustrator then I switch to Adobe Photoshop. I create a new document 700x700 px 96ppi 8bit Adobe RGB (1998) workspace after all, save each element in png. Then I finish work in GWD in the GWD program, everything looks high-quality and beautiful, but after I transfer it to the watch some noise appears and the clarity disappears.
I would like to know what parameters to line up? Example 700x700 px 300ppi 16bit SRGB ??? and how to save files to png correctly? If anyone knows, please help.
Thanks you

Hi, I use Photoshop for images, I always create a workspace of 512 x 512 at 300ppi 8bit and save in png with Photoshop’s default settings, I have never had any problems

Thank you and what kind of workspace you choose in Photoshop. I did in Adobe RGB (1998)

I use srgb iec61966, transparent background, dimension 512 x 512, ppi 300, 8bit, if you want to reduce the size of the images you can use Riot is free and compresses JPEG, PNG, GIF

Thank you, I set the same settings as yours, but after the transfer to the clock on the hands there is some noise. I can’t understand what am I doing wrong?

Keep in mind that the watch screen is 360x360 pixels.
This means that you’ll get the best results by using this exact resolution for all final elements which you import into the GDS/GWD.
Any other size will automatically get resized by the program which causes this noise that you’re seeing.

I usually create my watch faces in a much larger resolution than 360x360, but when I’m finished I crop and save all elements in 360x360 resolution.
This way every element will look exactly the same on the watch as you see it in Photoshop, and you can even do some tiny pixel corrections if necessary. Another bonus to this method is that you don’t upload unnecessarily large files, but exactly the size that’s needed for the watch screen.

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I think the problem is different, I have created a 1 x 1 red background in photoshop and then used it in GWS changing the dimensions to 360 x 360 and in the galxy watch the pixels are not seen

We are designing for resolution 360X360 PX. So set Photoshop Canvas size same. You can also set 720x720 (double the size of 360px) to make your work easy. But keep in mind, All the link and other elements should be double the size. For example, if u need 1 px line in GWS. u need to draw 2 px line.

Always I used to 360X360. It’s little hard to work but u will get pixel perfect crisp output in the dial.

Use 360 or 720 px.
if use 360px actual pixels will display on GWS.
If use 720px - 4pxs will bend it into 1px.

If you use 512px out put looks become unclear or blued.

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Hi, i have the same issue with the OP, im getting jagged lines when uploading the image to the watch.

i mainly use AI for designing and not so much PS, should i import all designs assets from AI to PS and export there instead?

May i know the reason that works?

Yes, Its easy to design in Illustrator. After that you can import into Ps for Pixel perfect result.