Animations in AOD from coverScreen in new Flip 5

Since the release of the Z Flip 5 and its new larger coverScreen, animations in AGif do not loop and freeze when finished playing.


This animation loads correctly on GTS with the correct loop, but when loaded on the device the animation freezes when finished playing.

I have published different AGifs with different rendering speeds, color palettes and compression types. And all of them are loaded correctly in GTS, but when going to review and executing them, it does not recognize the “loop” and when the animation ends, it does stay.

are you testing in a real device? animated aod loops 1-2 times then it load the first frame as a it was the final frame

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That’s the problem, I don’t have a Z Flip 5 where to really test it. And I only get the rejections of the reviewers.

Then please report the bug, more reports they get more chances they fix the issue. Use Help > Contact us with all the details they ask :man_shrugging: