Animation plays then stops in GWD

Hi, i wonder if Galaxy Watch Studio/Designer could do this. Animation runs once and stops when i touch the display just like those on Galaxy Watch Active. I dont know what name of watchface it is but its a day night theme.


Hi @gri1597461304,
I am afraid there is no such direct option in GWD/GWS. Let’s see if anyone else has any tremendous trick to achieve it in GWD.


Hello guys, i have an ideea, set a transparent picture over the animation and via double tap another picture from the animation, so when you double tap the animated section you will have the picture on top, and the animation running in the background :smiley:

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I think it is the only solution, you could also try what @Razaa-Watch-Faces as said to change the image with a touch so that it adapts to what you are asking

Something is better than nothing :wink:

@gri1597461304, you may give it a try to impersonate your design to accomplish the animation stopping feature.

Nice idea but i dont think it’s what i want

Like the video above at 2:05. I want my click/tap to trigger the animation and then it stops automatically.

Hi @gri1597461304 ,
i bien recuerdo las watch face que aparecen en el video no estan echas con GWS/GWD, creo que tampoco ni con Tizen Studio que es el software mas avanzado al que podemos acceder directamente de samsung, lo que quieres hacer es imposible en GWS/GWD, te recomiendo de provar a utilizar Tizen Studio

This animation might be CSS3 and HTML5 animation created with Tizen studio.

I already have the solution