Anti Clockwise movment of An Analog Meter Battery & Steps

Hi, i am a little stuck here . i generally use this tag formula in the rotation tag of an image of a needle.


this gives me rotation clockwise fine. but i want to use anti clockwise movement. How to go about it using tags. I tried searching the forum but its a long list of topics and could not find it. I believe i read it around 2 to 3 months ago in the forum topics

Also need help with battery images lets say i have 10 images of battery at 100,90,80,70…

[DAY_WEEK]== 1? 100: 0 Show image
[BATT_PER]== 100? 100: 0

That’s fine to show the image specifically at 100 . But how to adjust tag so that image shown at 100 appears from 100 to 91. The image stays till the one for 90 appears. How to express it in tag expression

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

To use anti clockwise movement set a minus

-[BATT_PER] * 2,51

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Hello, arranging images for battery charge ranges would be maybe easier with use of conditional line.
But since you asked for expressions:
[BATT_PER]>90? 100:0 for the top one, [BATT_PER]<11? 100:0 for the lowest one
The other ranges could use some logical operations
and so on


Many Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:
i will try it :grinning:


@Peter , i tried adding images by above tags works fine and also tried the method you suggested by use of conditional line thats easy and simple BUT i dont know why it shows working right on watch face studio images appear as they should but when i run the watch face on watch the battery icon does not appear none of the images, cant find anything wrong . Thank you very much for all the help for us beginners :slight_smile:

@SGWatchDesign the adding “-” was simple solution its working just great Thanks :slight_smile: )

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