Any Spot What text is to small to fail review?

They never give any details very frustrating play store review team oh and they failed the HR first one in last 5.

I can only guess its the battery % text they failed it on its anyone’s guess its crystal clear from 10 meters away.

Hello. I dont know why they do this, to me it is pretty design with high contrast and for the first glance there are the progress bars and for the details the additional crisp clear text.
But the reviewer have final word. Maybe try to make it little bigger. They recommend min size 12sp in the documentation. I only guess it means screen pixels, which at 450x450 small creen may seem too tiny.

btw. just out of curiosity, the playstore badge on the image is automated, or you had to insert it manually/voluntarily?

Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply I submitted again and removed the battery text see what happens can’t make it any bigger on this design.

I use a macro in photoshop and have built a number of templates that includes brand logo and playstore images. It just inserts the watchface saves the images and only takes 2 seconds to create them ready to publish.

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