Playstore Rejection due a Picture

Guys, I have a problem, I cannot get passed the reviwe, the message is:
I have tried changing images… but nothing happens, rejected like 4 times…

Can anybody help me out?


Send a screenshot of the watchface in square format (for example, as captured by WFS), 1:1 / 450x450px, in JPG format.

DO NOT send images in PNG format with a transparent background.

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I can’t even get Watch Face Studios to capture the image. I’ve tried it in circle and square…not even sure what chin is for. I cannot find the image anywhere on my computer and I can’t find anything saying where the image is saved.

guys, sorry for the bother… I dont seem to get a grip on the playstore pictures:
The error is:

and the pictures I uploaded are:

What did I wrong?
Thank you very much!!