Screenshot reject

My watch face has been rejected 6 times.
Attached image where the reason for the rejection is stated.
I know this happens to many people, I have tried every possible way.
The google store and reviewers is a mess.
Why does Google allow screenshots with text and images?
I have tried 16: 9, 9:16 in PNG and JPG format.
Also only the clock face and in 1.1 512x512px format and everything is rejected.
Can someone who has gone through this correctly tell how to do it?
Thank you.

You can not use a .png format that is considered layered and not allowed. You have to have a play circle for the image no watch strap, etc. Those can be additional images.

See this thread

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Rom,
This I already did and it was also rejected.
A disaster.
Thank you so much.

Hi Sergio,
I wish we could intervene on Play Store but that is not possible. The best we can do is communicate to the review team why somethings are different in WFS apps than they are used to.

I “think” that the Icon requirements for Watch Faces are the same as these

But I don’t know maybe someone can verify that or give you a page for Graphic Assets.

Samsung Developer Relations

Just take screenshot with Watch Face Studio, add black background layer & cut out 1-2px from screenshot layer border because there is some issue on WFS side which is causing some white border around screenshot. Then export as .jpg.

Well-formatted PNG can also be. I am making a screen on a white background 450X450 and they approve without any problems.

Thank you very much everyone for your answers.
I have seen the status of the watch face and it is compatible with Wear OS and selected devices.
It has not yet been launched in the Play store and a confirmation message has not arrived either.
I hope it is soon because it seems that now everything is fine.
Thank you very much!