Anyone who succeeded uploading watch face in playstore?


I’ve tried few times to upload watch faces.
I think I did all process google guided including privacy policy.
(Leojun Watch studio)
but not sure if it’ll be updated or not.
Could you confirm below lists whether I should do more?

For the images,
I’ve uploaded
_app icon (512x512px),
_main image (1024x500px),
_screenshots from WFS program (6 screen shot images which is not transparant)
: One question for this → is there any slot to add more main images for 1024x500px since I could upload only 1 designed image for this.)

For the advanced settings,
I’ve checked
_release type > fullfill out all categoris including wear os screenshots again.
_and checked the agreement for wear OS release policy.

For the category selection,
I’ve checked
_customization > watch face, health

Still difficult for me to upload using playstore…
Please give me some advice and tips if you guys had same issues as me.

Leojun Watch face

Watch Face Icon : 512x512 png should be transparent, did you remember about that ?

Yes, I set the 512 icon as transparant image.