Step by step with images to upload a face in play console

Hello everyone, tired of looking for a guide or detailed topic of the steps to upload in the play console, I decided to ask for help in this way.
Anyone who has a step by step or the link to a guide to upload faces in the complicated google console ?.
On one face he gave me the famous “Update rejected” in wear os and I can’t get how to correct or delete the face, and I don’t want to make the same mistake on a new one.
Anyone who is clear about the process or has a link available?

This should work right now:

  1. The app icon as a jpeg with 512x512 pixels and a white background.
  2. The presentation graphic as a jpeg in the format 1024x500 px.
  3. You can also create the graphics for the smartphones, PC and tablets as jpeg in 1024x500px format. (At least 4 pictures each - maximum 8) a few screenshots from Watch Face Studio are also accepted. Simply use the images from the Watch Face Studio workspace.
  4. Very important!
    For the Wear OS graphics it is best to use the screenshot of the start screen of your watch face. Without borders and also jpeg. (This is the picture your watch face should show the first time it is turned on).
    Simply load the screenshot into an image processing program and save it 1: 1 in a jpeg (without background).

That’s all.

You don’t have to delete the entire app in the Play Console or create a new entry. It is sufficient to delete and replace the pictures that have been criticized in the main entry.
It may take a few days for Wear OS to be checked again. That is normal.

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Man, so far you have been the clearest guy in the entire forum, it seems that those who could already publish do not want to comment on this topic, your information is greatly appreciated, I will update the results obtained when I can and if I succeed I will make a guide for everyone else

I do not think so. There are a lot of developers here who are very helpful. I was probably just awake the longest. Yes, this development work robs me of sleep :slight_smile: