Api 33 / sdk 33?

just started updating my companion apps… and I got a question…

Should I make on my companion app API 33 or SKD 33 before 31 August ?

Because due to gradle file:

   minSdk 28
    targetSdk 33
    versionCode 4
    versionName "1.2"

if I rise minSDK to from 28 to 33 only Android 33 users will download this app, I dont think so this is a point …

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Hi. For companion app, targetSDK needs to be 33.
Watch faces for now can stay on targetSDK 30.


Thank you, just want to be sure :slight_smile:
All the best for you :slight_smile:

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Hi @adrianrogalski how to increase SDK 33, can you please advise, TIA.

Hi,Its for companion app, you should change build.gradle module like this:

android {
compileSdk 34

defaultConfig {
    applicationId "com.sixty9design.retrowf2"
    minSdk 28
    targetSdk 33
    versionCode 2
    versionName "1.1"

Version code must be higher than watch version code,
to be sure version name I put always higher too - dont realy know if this is right but its working :wink:

Hi @adrianrogalski so far i understand you create watch face in watch face studio AND you create companion app by android studio. right.
sadly i dont know how to use android studio :slightly_frowning_face:

Exacly, I create watch face using WFStudio and then companion app with android studio.
Here on forum you will find link to YT video showing ho to create the one - its quite easy :slight_smile:

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Thank you @adrianrogalski .

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Hi @adrianrogalski
I have created companion app and upload. But it shows below error. Can you help how to solve this. Thanks.

I never saw this error… but did you put watch face file for WEAR OS track and Companion app on separate track for Phone/ChromeOS ?

In google play console → PRODUCTION


Thats in Polish but:
you can swap separate tracks for each file →

  1. Telefony. Tablety, ChromeOS (phones, tablets,ChromeOS) track is only for Compamnion app
  2. Tylko WearOS (only WearOS) is only for watch face (file from watch face studio)
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wow, Many thanks @adrianrogalski , upload ok. waiting for approval by google. Thanks again for the tips. love it.

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