What version of Watch Face Studio is for API 28?


What version of Watch Face Studio is for API 28 ?

and can you give me link of that version please.

Also does watch face made for API 28 can work on smartwaches with API 30 ?

Thank you

Hi. 28+ = Android 9 (Pie). This means that some older watches with Wear OS 2 are supported and also every watch device with Wear OS 3 and up.

API 30 = Wear OS 3

WFS 1.3.13 will create watch face with minSDK = 28+

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do you have maybe WFS 1.3.13 for download ?

link or something ?


Here it is. Thanks to @Ballozi :slight_smile:


Edit: Nevermind, the older WFS versions targets API level 30 so it should work just fine. See @amoledwatchfaces.

Please keep in mind that the Play Store won’t show your old watch faces on Wear OS 3 and newer beginning on August 31, 2023. See Wear OS app quality  |  App quality  |  Android Developers

Caution: All apps must target Android 11 (API level 30). Apps targeting below Android 11 (API Level 30) will not be discoverable on the Play Store on devices running Wear OS versions higher than your app’s target API level beginning on August 31, 2023. Test your app and make sure it works on a watch running Wear OS 3.0 or higher.

After that point in time your watch face will be visible to Wear OS 2 devices only.

Hi. We’re talking about minSDK and not targetSDK.

Watch face with minSDK 28+ will be visible just fine as it is right now. WFS 1.3.13 already targets api 30 and even if it doesn’t target API 33 it doesn’t mean that watch faces won’t be visible for Wear OS 4 devices.

targetSDK is not equal to maximum supported while minSDK is equal to minimum supported.

So, in short, watch face created in WFS 1.3.13 should work on Wear OS 4 device (API 33) (System may enable some compatibility mechanisms)

More info here:


If that’s true that WFS targets API level 30 and sets the min API level as 28, then everything should work properly. :slight_smile:

You can always check it in Play Console when uploading aab or open watch face aab file and lookup for minSDK and targetSDK in the AndroidManifest.xml file :slightly_smiling_face:

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so basicly WFS 1.3.13 targets api 30, but also can work with API level 28 ?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

WFS 1.3.13; minSDK = 28+, targetSDK 30
WFS 1.4.19; minSDK = 30+, targetSDK 30 (this will probably change to 33 with newer WFS versions)

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