Apk install doesn't work in RTL in Samsung A31

Tried using the Remote Test Lab for testing Android apks, but the apk doesn’t get uploaded to the device using the file browser, nor does installing an apk from the applications menu (selecting apk file from your computer). seem to work. In the former case, the upload gets stuck between 95-100% and in the latter case, I see a toast notification, “App successfully installed”, but the app isn’t actually installed. I’ve checked by refreshing the application list in the applications menu as well as browsing through the homepage for app shortcut.

At the bottom of the Remote test lab page is a Feedback link. Use that to send the information to the team. If you know the time and mobile you had connecting with that is useful.

These are real devices and sometimes the previous user locks a device up or fails to fully uninstall and they need resetting.

Samsung Developer Relations