APK upload in RTL Web Client takes endlessly


is this normal? Trying to upload an APK to Samsung S9 device using RTL Web Client. It spins endlessly. The APK is only 20MB …

What is the best way to upload own APKs to Remote Test Lab devices?

BR, Rene

If this is the US Server then it is an issue with the US RTL device farm.

Is this using a local RTL site. usually this happens when you are trying to access a site that is some distance away which is why there are many local sites to select.

Be sure you are meeting all the requirements such as Chrome browser and that your internet connection has a quick upload speed.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

thanks for the prompt response :). I am using a S9 from Poland RTL. Switched to Chrome (instead of Firefox) on Windows 10. Still uploading APK via “Application|App Install” takes endlessly … but I managed to upload the APK via ADB (connected to RTL using RDB). That works pretty nicely :). Thanks for the help.

BR, Rene