APNGs do not work on galaxy watch 4


I was inspired by the way you can interact with the apple watch pride digital watch face, and seeing as there are no such watch faces for the galaxy watch 4 (or wear os in general), so I decided to make a similar but simpler watch face.
I got an image for the idle part of it, I tried gifs but those aren’t supported, so I used an APNG (animated PNG) instead. It all worked out and the testing option in-app showed it worked. I connected my watch 4, installed the watch face using the run on device feature. It was all fun and games until I pressed the watch face to try out the interactible part of it, it only showed the first frame of the animation.

(here are some videos as an example)

  1. on PC

  2. IRL


Unfortunately, WFS does not officially support the APNG format.
How about using Multimedia component along with animated content formats supported by WFS?

thanks for telling me, but as i am using a PNG as the idle watch face, it would not work to switch to a gif or video (please keep in mind i am a new user to WFS)

This is a little old, but I just noticed the post…

You can use a tool like EZGif to split your APNG into frames.

Then you can take those individual frames and make them an animation in Watch Face Studio. You can then add the animation to your watch face.

I did this with an animated cat apng and created an animated second hand out of it and it worked great.

Just remember that no matter what, the animation will play at 15 frames per second. So you might need to add frames to slow an animation down if that’s what you want.

Thank you sooo much!, I will try to use EZGif now.

I have tried EZGif, I know realize what you actually meant. In the begining I have tried GIFs, the reason I switched to APNGs is for the fact that WFS let me add an action, specificaly the taping action, witch i use to switch from the photo to the animation.

As Sinjae said, You can import already animated images such as AGIF, Lottie, or WebP files but APNG is not supported. See the Training Here

Samsung Developer Relations

Oooh, I didn’t realize AGif is supported. Never heard of it in the first place. I will try to use that instead. Thank you.