Animation speed issue after WFS update

The animation frame rate now moves at full speed when running on device. The option to change the frame is there but when running on the device, that function seems to get lost. Any face with an animation will now show as too fast and not usable. I want to mention this is for the Galaxy Watch 4 so I’m not sure if it’s different for other models.

Another issue I’m noticing is when rotating an image with tags, it is no longer completely smooth and is a bit jittery.

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HI Mike,

Can you post this in this forum? The Watch Face Studio Development team has requested that any bugs on the update be posted there.


Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

Which forum do you mean? I posted in the Watch Face Studio forum

Apparently I forgot to insert the hyperlink. And I should have said topic not Forum.

Samsung Developer Relations

Could you please share any WFS file?

I noticed this, too. I see in the 1.2.5 release thread, they said that they can’t reproduce it, which is disconcerting as the issue is easily reproducible by using the frame setting exactly as you described.

I wish the previous version is available for download somewhere so we can have proper frame control, but for now I’m forced to duplicate frames manually to maintain the proper playback speed.

Development team noticed the issue, and the fix will be distributed soon.
Thank you for your patience.

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The issue is resolved :smiling_face:
Thanks @sinjae