App suspended.. help please

My app was suspended because it gave an error on some devices.
1:Detected Device: SM-G996N, SW Version: G996NKSU3CVDD
2: Detected Device: SM-F900F, SW Version: F900FXXS6FUI4
I found these phone models and removed them in the selected devices section in the application settings and sent the application again, but it was not accepted again… where do you think I went wrong?

Was this an Android App or Game?

Those phones would just be the ones tested on. The error could be on all phones with the Same Android version.

Did they include a video of the error, or explanation what the error was?

Be sure you fix this for all devices before you update the binary. They will not beta test for developers. If they get submissions for the same app that fail review, they will stop reviewing it even if it has different errors.

Samsung Developer Relations