App Suspension - application was judged to be a malicious application


When opening the Seller Portal today I came across some of my apps suddenly suspended from the store. When opening the details, I got the following message:

Dear Seller,

The security system of Galaxy store has been strengthened.
Virus total inspection has been added. Your application was judged to be a malicious application in the Virus total test.

If you want to know the details of the malware issue, upload your application to the link below.

Please solve the malware issue and submit your application again.

I submitted my apps to Virus Total file analysis as advised in the message and the results showed that the files were not malicious:

Has anyone else gone through this?

I’m asking here first before sending it to support because I’ve had bad experiences with the developer support team.

Hi NoMad,

Please see this post: False Positives in App Review

Hi @konni,

But the problem is that the Virus Total result says:
"No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious ".

There is no way for me to report a false positive as there were no positives.

Samsung suspended the apps even though there was no flag of maliciousness.

How should I proceed in this case?

Hi NoMad,

Please contact the Seller Portal support team and let them know that you followed their instructions and nothing was found. Be sure to include the screen capture that shows this.

ok, I’ll do it.

Thank you.