Samsung suspends my game

Hi, I have a problem with Samsung Galaxy Store. They still suspend my game after few days after publication, giving as a reason this:

Application is not executed. 1. Execute application 2. Check the screen Application should be executed. Detected Device: SM-G970N, SW Version: G970NKSU3BTA4 Detected Device: SM-G975F, SW Version: G975FXXS4BTB3 Detected Device: SM-G975F, SW Version: G975FXXS4BTB3

Problem is, that I unselected any Samsung S10 in Binary Tab in samsungseller long time ago. Why are they suspending my game, because it doesn’t work on devices, which it should not appear at all? Someone had already such a problem?

(The problem on S10, S10+ and S10e is the game hangs when switching between scenes - a game made in unity - problem does not occur on any other device)

I wish I could help you but I think you’ll need to open a 1:1 Enquiry in the seller portal.

I suspect that they reset the devices with the Android update. Updating the device list in the seller portal and resubmitting your app should get it approved again.

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