App suspended - Infringement report of intellectual property rights

Hello, I got this email today:

I do not get way I am getting this e-mail:
1 - My apps says it is an Unofficial product, and that it is developed by a third part;
2 - The app uses an oficial API, and it is in the app description;
3 - There are other apps on the Galaxy Store with the same functions and they did not got suspended…
4 - If the are complaining about “intellectual property rights”, they should have complained about it on the app rewiew.

What sould I do? please?

I am trying to open an 1:1 Enquiry, but I always get redirected to

If you use anything with Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. It usually gets tagged for IP Infringement.

All the seller support links are broken, they are working on restoring them Link Deleted

If you don’t get a good reply in a couple days let me know. I can ask about it.

Edit: The direct link was wrong, I am trying to get a corrected one.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hello, I didn’t know that. Thank you!

There is usually and Open Source license that you can attach when you use Google Services.


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I wrote detailed instructions on submitting a store support request in this thread Seller Portal 1:1 Enquiry Link

Samsung Developer Relations

What is copy right infringement in this app?
Logo Apk?
Many apps in playstore are same but they don’t intelectual property rejection then why my app?
Pls reply asap

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One thing that I’ve learned is that they provide very vague answers… it is hard to tell exactly what is the problem… in my case (and in some others) the problem was that we were quoting the brands names in the app description, for instance “this app is made to access XXXXX features” or like in my case “This app uses the XXXXX official api”, using this “XXXXX” keyword (a brand name, like “Samsung”) was causing my, and others dev, problem.

I highly recommend for you to contact them to get a better answer of what the problem is before resubmiting the app or try to see if others got the same problem and what was the solution, another thing that I’ve learned…

Doesn’t it say duplicate .apk? If you have the app on Play Store you need to submit documentation that you are the author of that app.

As Dect said contact the store and ask for additional information they usually will tell you.

Samsung Developer Relations