Termination of Your Galaxy Store Seller account


We received the following email today.

Dear seller,

This is the Galaxy Store Seller Portal team.
Based on Article 5.6 and 13.3 of the Terms and Conditions of Seller Portal, we terminated your Seller account.

  • Reason for termination: Intellectual Property (IP) infringement has been reported on your Watch Face app(s).

Thank you.
Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal Team

We are 100% sure we didn’t copy any watch faces from other people and we didn’t even receive a complain or a notice about something from Samsung.

Is there any chance we got this email by a system mistake (Because it said the email was automatically sent and also we still have our account). Can someone Check this?
@r.liechty_SDP we neeed your help!


You should contact the seller portal 1:1 Enquiry

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks Ron!
We have contacted them.
I hope it will be fine. We only had 1 complain and that was when we first started.

Thanks again!

@r.liechty_SDP they deleted all of our work because of 1 watch face that has been suspended and disabled Since 8/26/2019. It’s crazy…

Hey. We also encountered this problem a week ago. The only option is to register a new account. We also believe that their decision is not fair. As I understand it, this is done using a special script that detects previously suspicious watch faces. Even if they were removed a few years ago. Of course, I could be wrong. They should understand that suspicious dials were removed several years ago. Do not block accounts for this reason.

It’s definitely automatic. It doesn’t make any sense.

As they say in Sellers Portal:


“WE GIVE A NOTIFICATION to the sellers”

They gave the notification they suspended the watch face, we disabled it and now they delete our account 5+ months later. Why they give the notification if they will delete the account anyway. They could just delete the account on the first problem so we won’t lose all our work like this.

They deleted our account just for ONE watch face that we uploaded when we started. After that we uploaded 100+ watch faces without ANY problem. It’s a joke.

I never received any complaints about my watch faces.
I am fully confident that there are no infringements on my watch faces that affect the rights of third parties. But Samsung got me blocked today.

It phishing message from this website – Edit: Link removed as it may also be a phishing site.
im happy. idiot joke.