Suspension of Applications From Galaxy Store

Hello, I received an email with the title “Suspension of Applications From Galaxy Store” and content
"Thank you for using Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal.
At this time, please note that some of your application(s) will be suspended from Galaxy Store pursuant to the provisions under the Seller Mobile Terms and Conditions for the Service which you have previously accepted (the “Agreement”). This email shall serve as written notice of the Agreement with you which shall be effective as of the date of delivery by Galaxy Store Seller Portal of this email.

The reason of application suspension:

  • No binary update since April 2016
  • Free apps: Less than 300 downloads for the last one year
  • Paid apps: 0 download for the last one year

The scheduled date of suspension : May 31st of 2021"

But, there is no list with the apps/watchfaces that will be suspended. Is it possible to also send such list with the affected apps/watchfaces?

Probably such list is already compiled, as we receive this kind of notifications.

I would guess it doesn’t really matter does it? :frowning: Not many people are downloading your free apps and no one is downloading your paid apps. And you haven’t uploaded or updated anything in 5 years. Not sure why you want your seller account active? Just wondering :sunglasses:

If you are a Watch Face designer then I assume your right to distribute Watch Faces had been revoked and all of your applications will be suspended and your right to upload new content or modify any current content has likewise been revoked.

As far as I know there is no appeal for the revocation if you violated the agreement but you can ask at the seller portal 1:1 Enquiry . Also if you are an Android App seller contact them.

Samsung Developer Program

I can upload faces without issues. I haven’t done anything wrong. That is the second email I receive regarding this. I suspect I have some watchfaces that are in one of those cases.
But which one corresponds to which case… I don’t know…
For example, I have checked and I don’t have any binary older than 2018. And I don’t have any free ones with less than 300 downloads in the past year.
But I have one older app for Gear 1, Gear 2, that has 0 sales in the past year, probably that is the culprit.
Anyway, a list should be given, not a generic email listing all cases…

Later Edit: my bad, I was looking at the last update date… It seems I have some apps with binary from 2014 :smiley:


Free sellers were not required to agree to the pledge so it probably is the lack of downloads.

I assume this process is automated which is why they don’t list specific watch faces. You may be able to get a specific list if you open an Enquiry in the seller portal or if you look in Apps you should see the status of the apps.

Samsung Developer Program

I have opened a ticket to see which exact apps or watchfaces will be suspended. I suspect that this is about the Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S apps, made in 2014.

I’m Commercial Seller, I signed the pledge. Just to make sure that I understood correctly what you said, if I don’t update the apps made in 2014 or I don’t have 300 downloads for the free apps, my right to sell watchfaces will be revoked???

That wasn’t what I meant, and I apologize if I caused you undue concern. The requirement to retain your watch seller status is two (uploads/updates) every 3 months to show activity.

It probably was particular apps in your case just removing “deadstock”


Finally I got a reply from the seller portal support and a list with affected apps. Seems it’s a very old phone app, not updated in a veeery long time :smiley: and they said only the app will be suspended, the account won’t be affected in any way. @r.liechty_SDP thanks for all the clarifications and help.