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Hi I am a Mobile App Developer. And this is my first time Uploading my App on Samsung Galaxy Store. I submitted my app on Samsung Galaxy Store for uploading.
I received an email yesterday from Samsung telling me that my app can’t be uploaded because play protect does not recognize the developer (i.e me). I have not yery uploaded my app on Google Play Store . So please how do I resolve this issue and upload my app successfully on Samsung Galaxy Store

Depending on the app you have to be approved to publish on the store. Did you apply to be a seller and receive approval?

I registered on the Samsung Site and then I signed up on the Samsung Developer Site. I verified all my details and then I went straight to Uploading my App. So I think my account is approved or is there any other way of checking if my account is approved?

I think you’ve just registered, which anyone can do, but don’t think you’ve applied for Commercial Seller Status so you can’t upload anything. The Google Play Store is completely separate.

There’s more info here:

Check under the PREPARE heading “Apply for commercial seller status

Alright, I will check it out now. I will give update you when am done. Thank You very much for your assistance.

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Since Samsung tests on real devices and Android has Play Protect in all devices now… Samsung cannot test your app because of this issue.
There are a few remedies
File an appeal see details in THIS POST
Just upload your app to Play Store and get rejected wait a few days and submit to Galaxy Store
use a 3rd party signing tool that seems to work for some
Contact Tech Support if none of those work.

Samsung Developer Relations

Alright, I Will try this. Thanks so much