App rejection due to Play protect warning

I had submitted my app on galaxy seller portal and it got rejected with reply that it shows play protect warning. I am new to app development so didn’t want to spend 25$ on play store therefore i tried publishing my app on galaxy store. As i am not registered on play console, my app show play protect warning and i think this is not a good enough reason to reject my application on galaxy store.
Please help me out.

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Yes, I am also facing this issue. Atleast on Samsung Devices they should allow the app to be installed from Galaxy Store.

Same here!!! i am facing the same issue! I am wandering, if we own our own phone or not even after paying 1000s of dollars to buy expansive phones, if its all controlled by google.

I thought sideloading android apps outside any store was possible. But I did not use this option few years and maybe its no longer an option for personal use or friends circle.

Do you know what Catch 22 is?
Play Protect is on all Android devices since the reviewer cannot install the device due to they Play Protect message they can not review it.

My understanding is this happens when the uploader does not have the correct settings. Contact Developer Support and they can help you get your app approved.

Samsung Developer Relations