Appearance on watch not the same as in watch face studio


appearance isn’t even close to the preview, the complications are in the wrong place, and ignoring the formatting (even if i set them to ‘fixed’)

note this is on a galaxy watch6 classic so nothing unusual

The complications I can help with the system will chose the one it wants if the one you selected for priority is not available or the provider has a different priority.

So you need to remove any complication types that you don’t want and then test on the Watch to see if the provider has the one you do want or you need to format each option not just one.

To make things worse sometimes there will be an update and change everything anew.

There is a lot of discussion with Next Event complication because the default provider may be Google Calendar or it may be Samsung Calendar or it may be Outlook Calendar. You really have to play with that to get it to work well on your watch.

Finally steps may stop at 10,000 or disappear altogether.

I wish I had more help but a lot of this is trial and error.

Samsung Developer Relations

ah cheers, that’s disappointing that its not more standardised but I guess that’s why people learn to do it the hard way. At least I can do what I want with text and tags.