Complication bug

Is there a place to specifically report bugs to Samsung?

Two found so far are, relating to customising complications on the watch (5) itself:

  • Not all icon’s and text respect the icon dimensions and font size set in watch face studio. Some seem to, some definitely don’t.
  • If I customise a complication to something which is also clickable for further information, such as weather, then change it to something with no additional underlying information, such as barometer, when I then click it, it remembers the previous underlying link. So clicking barometer gets you more detailed weather.

The more I play with watch face studio, the more buggy and inconsistent it seems to be!

Is watch studio for tizen a better option? Or is that now discontinued?

Ha Ha . You are finding your way around . You can not make Faces for WOS3 on GWD and Vice versa. I guess your watch is WOS3 . You are stuck with WFS . Which Version are you on ?

My watch remembers the comp Screen from the previous Face I tested . I clear the lot by continually pressing the Bottom Physical Button . If you are on single button Watch I am not sure . Some comps are better dismissed with the top button . Some with the Lower .

The icon text line up thing is amazingly difficult . If you adjust the size of the Icon it affects the Text . All I can say is practice off your Draft on a silly test . I think the trick is to get it the size you want and Lock it . I actually prefer to run all mine hidden from a Long TextComp . It can be configured to anything on your watch . Just hide them all under a background Layer and let them go Hang .

Yes, OS3 on Watch5. Not having comprehensive access to the underlying software is frustrating! Expecially as their ‘program free’ studio is so inconsistent and buggy.

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These UI’s are all the same . Then stuff goes and changes . The serious makers are making faces in Kotlin Android Studio and other Languages . Quite beyond me . I used to play with Blocky for fun before I got a Smart Watch . I promised myself I would not get involved with another kind of Code but here we are .

For the first issue, I don’t have such problem in any of my watchfaces.

How did you set your complication area?!

For every shape includes a type or a list of types and for each type, there are layouts.

  • Did you include every layout but forgot to set them all?
    Because if that’s the case, you’re going to see inconsistencies.

For example, say that you have a SHORT_TEXT complication.
A lot of apps use that format and have a default layout.

And to have the most compatibility with the complications, you have to either, set them all, or pick a layout that will accomodate all of them, without messing up your design.

Personally, I set each and every layout, so that there are no inconsistencies. It’s the tedious part of making a watchface, for me, because I do it for literally every complication slot.

Here are a few examples:

Bottom Left complication:






For the first two layouts, the ICON share the same coordinate and same size.

For the 2nd and Third Layout, notice that the TITLE and TEXT share the same font and font size between the two layouts, however, the lengths are different and they don’t have the same position coordinates.

As for your second issue, that’s not a WFS problem, that’s the complication problem itself. The apps that has the complication sets the link according to the complication you use and Samsung Weather tends to not work properly at times, with it.

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I think I’m just going to make a face including nothing but complication variants and see how they all behave!

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Have fun. Practice will make you understand how complication layouts work.

It’s confusing if you’ve just started with WFS 1.4.X.X, but you’ll get the hang of it, when you understand all the types and layouts

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