Bug next event complication

Hello everyone!
As you see in the picture, I have a problem with calendar complication.
The event “Pomaretto ambulatorio” was scheduled from 15 to 16, but the watchface shows the event even after its end. You know a way to fix this? The complication is long text set to next event, but even if i leave empty and set manually calendar in the watch doesn’t work.
I have a Galaxy watch 4 classic 46mm.
Thanks to all!

Sorry I was hoping someone else would confirm this problem. Did you try rebooting your watch by holding down both buttons until it reboots (about 10 - 15 seconds) that will clear the cache.

If it still exists or does it again I’ll try to duplicate it.

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Thank for the answer!
There’s no need to restart, load another watchface and reload this one fix the issue. But this is a workaround and switch between watchface for reset every event is annoying. I want to know if there is a way to fix the problem. The calendar complication of the stock watchface “digital dashboard” works fine on Galaxy watch 4 classic, there is a way to have the same complication in a watchface created with “watchface studio”?

You can use customize to change to Calendar complication :slight_smile: (which is probably what the “next event” really is). This sounds like a bug in WFS. Can you report it as a bug?

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In addition to the above described issue, this complication only displays calendar events that have a start time associated with the event. On days where there is only an ALL DAY event, the complication displays “No upcoming events”.

Is there a way to have all day events also displayed?

bump. hopefully, for a reply.

Thanks for the bump, I could duplicate this. Did you open a bug report or do you need me to do it?

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Did not open a bug report.
I would be honored to have you do so.
Thank you

Thanks Ron. I don’t know how to open a bug report, if you can make it for me would be appreciate!
Thanks in advance.


I did report this earlier before this most recent update. The response is “this issue is platform related issue not the WFS. It will take time to fix the firmware”.

There was a recent firmware update however, I didn’t see anything in the notes about this being fixed in the release notes.

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