Application fails to install on Samsung S10 after Android 11 installation

Hi there,

We have been developing Android applications for our company for more than 5 years. Recently we are getting support calls from our users that they can no longer install our apps on Galaxy S10 after the Android 11 updates. On a vanilla Android 11 there is no issue nor there was any issue on the same S10 running Android 10. No other brand seem to have an issue (but most are not yet on Android 11). What could be the cause?

I saw this reported with a messaging app and here is my guess but it is only a guess.

Android 11 added some privacy conditions to be compliant with GDPR and other international privacy rules and regulations. It may be your users need to accept some conditions to install or run. You may need to update your software.

If you open a support request they may be able to help you get a log so you can see exactly what is the problem.

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